Misdiagnosis is running rampant in our healthcare system today. Most people we talk to can name someone in their life who has been misdiagnosed and had a difficult battle with getting doctors to take their symptoms seriously. Social media has quickly become a source of comfort and education for those seeking a diagnosis, or who are trying to understand their disease. 

What should be a comforting, quick and easy process to find answers, has turned into a nightmare for patients. Research shows it takes an average of 5-10 years to receive an accurate chronic illness diagnosis. Recent studies also suggest that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States. Getting diagnosed quickly and accurately should not be a hard, confusing, costly road. It also shouldn’t cost us our lives. 

We asked ourselves the question, could AI be used in a responsible way to integrate into healthcare, to provide a better patient experience? From interviews with patients, providers and insurance executives, the resounding answer was yes. AI can be used to address a large problem patients are running into: simplifying healthcare. By utilizing our tool, they get information into their healthcare journey like, what tests they should be asking for at the doctor’s, what questions to ask, suggestions of what might be going on and how to manage symptoms. AI is not meant to diagnose, but rather work in tandem with the healthcare provider to simplify the diagnosis process. 

We’re also seeing a trend in educational communities forming. With the internet and social media growing beyond our imagination, people now have access to peers who are going through the same thing. What once was a very shillong experience, is now a shared one. We plan to have communities on the MedDefend App, so people can connect, share, support and offer advice. Knowledge is power, we want patients to have access to those who can help in any form. 

Recently, MedDefend was featured in Venture, where they state “MedDefend stands as a beacon in the current technological revolution reshaping healthcare.” and examine how our tool will revolutionize the healthcare journey for patients, you can find the article here: MedDefend Venture News Article

Simplifying healthcare for the misdiagnosed is a daunting task, but we are up for the challenge. We encourage anyone who is going through a hard time with their healthcare journey to reach out. MedDefend offers advocates who can be by your side the whole time. 

Stay tuned for our App launch this month. Let’s put an end to misdiagnosis and simplify the healthcare process. 

If you are interested in sharing your story of being misdiagnosed on our podcast, The Medical Maze, reach out to contact@mymeddefend.com

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